Welcome to The Cave

The Cave is the original home. It is a place people retreat to, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is the place yogis go to attain enlightenment. It is a safe space to take shelter from any storm. It holds secrets untold. It is the doorway to the centre of the earth. The Cave is both a sanctuary and a sacred place. What happens inside remains a mystery to those not present to witness in the magic that unfolds.
Leave all your past at the door, and step into our cocoon of transformation as we all embark on a journey of rebirthing together. Open your hearts, sit in silence, dance, play, connect, heal and let go of all that is ready to be released.

Upcoming Events:

The Cave Presents: Age of Aquarius - An Astrology Workshop -
14th January 2021 @ 7PM GMT

✨The year 2021 is marking the start of a new era. December saw the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn shift into the sign of Aquarius, which many believe will mark the tipping point for the new Age of Aquarius.
✨What does this mean for you? Well Saturn is thew planet ruling all things karma, and restriction and Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth. By connecting with astrology and our charts we can see how we can overcome any lessons that Saturn will throw our way, and also tap into the gifts and abundance that Jupiter offers. For each and everyone of us this will be different.
✨This 80 minute astrology workshop will look closely at the transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius with a discussion about what this means for humanity overall, before diving into our individual charts to see how this will affect us personal, and how we can empower ourselves to accomplish great things this year!

✨Workshop taking place over zoom. Investment is £12. Spaces limited

Meet the facilitators:


Gabriella is a karmic astrologer, intuitive healer, life coach, and meditation teacher originally from London. She has spent much of her life delving into the studies of Ancient Vedic philosophy, Kabbalah, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanic practises, while mastering several energy healing modalities from Reiki, Integrative Quantum Medicine to Theta Healing.

Fascinated by people, Gabriella enjoys supporting her clients to transcend their fears and limiting beliefs, and rebirth into an authentic and fulfilling life. Much of her most recent work centres around the balancing of masculine and feminine energy within us all. “I feel inspired to assist people in coming into union with self, by bringing both the masculine and feminine energies within us into harmony.”


Manish is a yoga teacher, energy healer, meditation guide, music producer, ecstatic dance DJ and practicing medical doctor, born and based in London. He has a unique approach to address healing by harmonising the mind, body and spirit.

His main passion is to assist the release of emotional and physical blockages to facilitate flow within the energetic body and bring alignment to this system. “Our outer world experience is a reflection of our inner state and the practices I will be sharing have resulted in such a profoundly positive impact on my wellbeing and awareness. I feel blessed to be able to support others on their journey within.”


Mitch is a man of the Ocean. After a tidal wave of a spiritual awakening during a Wataflow session Mitch was then guided to become a facilitator himself and offer sessions and support with training around the world. Mitch provides a safe masculine space of loving presence for one to let go and be held by the nurturing feminine essence of water.

Mitch also holds men’s circles, providing a held container for men to take off any masks they may be wearing, to then share from a truly authentic and vulnerable space, without the worry of facing judgement or shame.


Chantelle has been on an ever unfolding mission to connect to the depths of her heart. Working with energy and learning directly from Nature, has been a major part of her journey. Specialising in techniques such as Reiki and Divine I Am (group energy transmissions) she is able to hold space and assist people to let go of things that no longer serve and aid them to connect deeper within. Also assisting Mother Earth with Galactic Grid work she has become an open channel to allow higher codes of light to ascend into our planet.

She believes heart connection and joy are the keys to quantum leaps consciousness, and provides workshops with easeful techniques to bring you back to this space in more moments. She loves to help people to help themselves and sees the divinity in us all.


What you need to know:

The Cave was established as a community of like minded facilitators, practitioners and artists all with a vision to share our gifts with more people. We are on a mission to support the mental health and physical wellbeing of more people, and have plans to set up our own community retreat space, and a festival one day.

We have a community of nearly 500 people online from all around the world, and have plans to roll out several international retreats in 2021.

Follow our The Cave group on FB to stay updated on all the latest news and to gain first access to our online events and workshops.

Upcoming Events

Yoga Nidra for Healing

Meditate every Monday at 8pm starting 11th Jan 2021

Breathwork for emotional release

Healing conscious connected breathwork - December 16th

Astro Yoga Nidra

Every New & Full Moon at 8pm starting 13th Jan 2021


Event Reservation

For further information please email info@retreattothecave.com. Please click the link below to see the full list of our online offerings.